Apple Store

Custom built, extremely high intensity light bars designed for easy installation with no drilling.

Apple Store locations nationwide have become known for offering unbeatable retail experiences. One of the keys to this is having an extremely bright, well-lit store with ample accents on displays throughout the sales floor. One way retailers can provide this accent lighting without having visible fixtures cluttering the store is by using slim line wall washers, but Apple needed something even more specialized as they looked into building out store-within-a-store experiences nationwide.

Their requirements were centered around the brightness, color temperature, physical size, ease of mounting, and ease of wiring. We determined that the best method of meeting these requirements was using a super high-output flexible strip light mounted in a custom aspectLED aluminum channel with a clear plastic lens. Then we added a unique, custom designed mounting solution that allowed for the fixtures to be installed with no drilling or hardware involved. The strip lights and power supplies were manufactured with custom plug and play connectors allowing for easy installation with zero wiring needed. This project required multiple lengths with some needing connectors on both ends to feed additional fixtures, and some not. aspectLED shipped these fixtures completely assembled, ready for a super simple installation, both at the fabrication shop, as well as in the field in-store.