battery powered retail lighting


Battery Powered LED Lighting Solutions

The advent of LED technology has allowed for endless flexibility in terms wiring and power delivery. Low draw means they can often be run off rechargeable Lithium Ion or NiMH batteries. This is an ideal solution for retail environments and exhibits where fast setup and takedown is critical and wall outlets are not always a possibility.

In the world of retail it can be important to have ultimate flexibility in terms of logistical issues like wiring. Often it isn’t possible to have power in specific places, despite needing to install a product focus or display there. Furthermore, they may not be permanently installed and it may be preferable to have a temporary solution that’s packaged for easy installation and teardown.

That’s where battery powered LED lighting solutions come in handy. By using a low voltage power source like a battery pack, you can avoid the bulk of power supplies and 110VAC wiring and needing to connect to an outlet or hardwire the connections (which would require an electrician), and instead allow store employees or exhibitors to easily create the same dramatic lighting effects, without compromise. These can be easy to connect and disconnect when batteries need to be recharged.