What do I need?

Are your recessed lights waterproof? Will they stand up to shower use?

Certain sizes of our Ultra Thin Recessed Lights are rated for use in wet environments and are designed to handle contact with water and moisture on the face of the fixture. They cannot be submersed in water, and the back side of the fixture and driver must remain dry and protected by a ceiling or roof from above.

For shower applications, if you’re concerned about moisture getting into your ceiling cavity, we would recommend our foam gaskets to make a tight seal between the light fixture and your ceiling. They are low cost (around $1 per gasket) and great for sealing off the hole your fixture is installed into.

How many fixtures do I need?

That depends on your brightness preferences. If you’re replacing incandescent lights, you can plan based on incandescent equivalent of your current setup. Otherwise, you can click here for our grid planning guide. Most average size showers will use 1 or 2 6” or 6.5” ultra-thin recessed lights.

I don’t have a height restriction in my ceiling, but I like the look of your ultra-thin recessed models. Do you make these in a conventional style for cheaper?

Our Ultra Thin Recessed Lights were designed to be a one size fits all solution, so making them thicker would have no impact on the price. Even if you’ve got room to work with, our ultra-thins are a great solution simply due to their ease of install. There's no need to tear apart your ceiling to span across your house’s framing because these just slide into your sheetrock and hold themselves there for an easy install. Even our marketing guys can do it!

What about bulb replacement?

Most of our fixtures are integral, meaning there is no bulb to replace. One of the biggest benefits of LED lighting is longevity. Unlike incandescent and fluorescent bulbs which inherently burn out and need replacing, our LEDs are expected to last 50,000 hours before performance degradation. That means you get trouble free use for decades. Plus, when they do fail, they will gradually get less bright instead of simply burning out.

Simply put, it shouldn’t be a concern for many, many years, and our customers love our products’ long lifespans. If you ever do have the need to replace the fixture, it simply pops out of the hole and you can easily place a new replacement fixture in the same place.

Can your lights be used in commercial applications?

Yes! Our lights are being used in tens of thousands of commercial lighting projects. Unlike most similar products, our Ultra Thin Recessed Lights are UL Listed and can be installed anywhere in the US, in any setting. Being UL Listed means we are held to the highest standard of production and safety. When installed correctly, your inspector shouldn’t give you any trouble.

Can your lights be dimmed?

Absolutely! You can read more about dimming our recessed fixtures Here.

I already have a traditional recessed can I’d like to replace. Do I have to remove it?

In most cases, no! These cans are usually large and difficult to remove without completely tearing your ceiling apart. Fortunately, you can usually pull the trim pieces out of these fixtures. Then you’ll just need to wire your driver in, and you should be able to plug and slide the ultra-thin light into place without removing most of your old fixture. Just make sure you select a fixture that has the same cutout hole size your old one used to make sure it fits well.

I’ve got my shower lighting figured out. What about other types of bathroom lighting?

We have something for every application.

Under cabinet, niche, edge glow, mirror, and cove lighting:

Flexible LED Strip Lighting is very popular for these applications. It’s available in 16.4’ rolls in a variety of colors and brightness levels, and gives a linear light across long runs. For most bathroom applications we recommend our N-Series Ultra-Bright in 24VDC. Make sure you choose water resistant or waterproof if it’s going to be subjected to moisture or water. Take a look at our channel as well for a great way to hide your strip behind a slim, sleek aluminum cover and make installation a breeze.

Vanity Lights:

We sell a variety of Replacement Bulbs to fit your existing vanity. Our filament bulbs are common for applications like this due to their stylish, timeless appearance.


One trend we’re seeing in high end, luxury bathrooms and pool areas is using in-floor/in ground lighting around showers, tubs, and vanities. These are often low wattage lights so they’re easy on the eyes, but look great. They’re also rated for interior or exterior wet locations, so a few drips from the shower or pool won’t hurt them.

We also have a version of our aluminum LED strip mounting channel for in-floor use. This allows the same modern, linear light output as our other channel products, but is designed for mounting in tile, wood, and concrete floors.