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Can You Cut LED Strip Lights?

As trusted professionals in LED lighting, we want to address a question we hear often: "Can you cut strip lights?” The quick answer is yes, with a crucial asterisk. So, let's dive into the considerations you need to make when cutting LED strip lights to ensure optimal functioning and longevity.

Cutting Your LED Strip Lights Correctly

Don’t cut them when they are plugged in!!

First and foremost, cutting a strip light must be done at specific locations. Your primary consideration should be whether the power supply will function correctly post-cut. We always recommend discussing electrical details with our team of LED experts to ensure proper power is provided to the strip post-cutting. Don’t know what power supply to choose? Check out this helpful article: How to choose a power supply.

Next, you must cut your LED strip lights at designated cut lines. These lines are straightforward to locate and cut. Disconnect the strip light from the power supply, then locate the little copper discs, or solder pads, that indicate cut lines. Armed with a pair of scissors, cut through the center of these pads, and your LED strip light is ready. Go read this article. for more helpful strip light tips.

What Makes LED Strip Lights Special?

Commonly referred to as LED tape lights, these powerful light sources offer a flexible and adaptive lighting solution for several applications, such as ambient lighting, cabinet underlighting, mirror lighting, or art gallery displays. These strips bend and twist to precisely fit your specific needs.

Our LED strip lights are a breeze to install, letting you choose between a self-adhesive backing or conventional attachment methods. This flexibility means they can be added to almost any surface, suitable for homes, hotels, bars, restaurants, stages, retail stores, thereby providing an efficient avenue to create the desired mood.

Broad Range of LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights come in a wide range of lengths, colors, and temperatures, offering immense flexibility to light up any space. From a warm hue of 2700K to a cool white shade of 6400K, you can choose from various colors such as warm white, very warm white, or even exuberant color-changing options.

All our products are meticulously sourced and tested by our team of LED experts to ensure high-quality, reliable performance. Pair LED color-changing lights with a controller and Bluetooth, and you open up a world of color options that can make your home or commercial property look vibrant and attention-grabbing, delivering your lighting vision impeccably.

LED Strip Light Applications

LED strip lights make a practical addition to your home or business. Strip lighting can make a powerful difference in any room. Cove lighting, toe-kick lighting, and undercabinet lighting can transform your living room, bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen.

Extend your creativity to your garden, patio, or garage to maximize your space after sundown. Our LED strip lights add a touch of ambient illumination to outdoor spaces, making them accessible year-round. Outside of practicality, it truly elevates your space, making it more cozy, more workable, or more ready to party – whatever your goal is.

You may also want to think about the accessories that come with our strip lights. Things such as, LED Strip Connectors, Controllers, Mounting Channel, and App Control.

When working with us, you're in good hands. We commit to addressing your LED lighting needs or concerns, guiding you through each step of the process. We look forward to helping you find your perfect lighting solution.