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The Casambi Bluetooth 4 Channel PWM Controller is a low voltage controller that operates on 12VDC or 24VDC input power. It is used to control low voltage LED lights using Bluetooth via a free app available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Up to 127 Casambi units can be combined on one network to create an intelligent Mesh Network. A mesh network is a group of devices that act as a single network, creating multiple sources of connectivity. Casambi can be installed indoors or housed in an outdoor weatherproof box in temperatures of -4°F - 113°F (-20 °C - 45 °C). With Casambi you can set scenes, animations, use the timer function to tell your lights when to come on or shut off, and set a circadian rhythm.

The Xpress Wireless Wall Controller can also be paired and programmed in the App. The Xpress Wall Controller does require the Casambi 4 Channel PWM control unit to work and has 4 preset buttons that can be programmed to different scenes or animations within the app. This is great for guests or customers to be able to change the colors or sequence of colors with the options the owner has set up for a specific space.

Terms for Understanding

  • Profile The method of control for a Casambi Controller (Single Color, RGBW, Tunable White).
  • Network: A common “location” that all Casambi devices need to be added to if they need to work together.
  • Scene: A static color setting.
  • Animation: An arrangement or program of scenes and wait times set to either run once through or be looped.
  • Luminaires: All Casambi controllers and switches in a Network.

Types of lights used with Casambi:

Some key installation considerations for Casambi are the output voltage limits and wiring. Casambi 4 Channel PWM Controller has a maximum output of 48 watts when using 12VDC, and 96 watts when using 24VDC. If your project requires more watts than the maximum output, you will need to use our RGBW PWM Booster - Signal Amplifier between the controller and your lights. The booster allows you to overcome the wattage limitation of the controller as it is capable of 240 watts of output if using 12VDC, and 480 watts of output if using 24VDC.

Installation considerations

Casambi 4 Channel PWM Controller is intended for use with low voltage, constant current LED Lights. It is ideal for use with our low voltage color changing or tunable white fixtures, especially strip lights. The Casambi controller can also be used with single color strip lights for dimming purposes.

For example, if we are using our W-Series RGBW 4-in-1 Color Changing Flexible LED Strip Lights, which use 4.4 watts per foot, and our project requires 15 feet of strip light, then to determine the total watts of our project we will need to multiply 15 x 4.4 which equals 66 watts of output needed. 15 (feet of strip) x 4.4 (watts per foot) = 66 watts of output required from controller.

Since that strip is a 24VDC strip and Casambi has an output of up to 96 watts at 24VDC, we will not need a booster. However, if our project requires 30 feet of strip light, then we would need to multiply 30 by 4.4 for a total of 132 watts of output required. In this case, we will need to use the booster since we are over the 96-watt capability of the Casambi.

30 (feet of strip) x 4.4 (watts per foot) = 132 watts of output required from controller

Another consideration to keep in mind is wiring. The wiring will be unique to the type of strip light you’re using which will coordinate with the Casambi profile setting.

  • If you are using only single color (white) Strip lights, like our L-Series Dotless™ Linear LED Strip Lights, your v+ (red wire) will connect to the v+ output, and your V- (black wire) will connect to channel 1 on the controller.
  • If using Color Changing (RGBW) Strip Lights, your v+ (black wire) will connect to the v+ output, channel 1 is for your red wire, channel 2 for your green wire, channel 3 for your blue wire, and channel 4 for your white wire.
  • If you are using tunable white strip lights, your v+ (brown wire) will connect to your v+ output, your warm white (yellow wire) will connect to channel 1, and your cool white (white wire) will connect to channel 2. Never use channels 3 and 4 with tunable white strip lights.


Common troubleshooting issues we see include the Xpress Wall Remote not showing up when pairing, changing the Casambi Profile from RGBW to Tunable white, and when the network is set up by someone, say an Electrician, who then forgets to share the network credentials with the customer.

Here’s how to correct these issues:

  • The Xpress Wall Remote doesn’t show up when pairing
    • Fix: Press and hold any two buttons on the Xpress Remote to get it to appear in the Nearby Devices
  • Changing Profile for RGBW/CCT
    • To change the profile for the Casambi, the device must be unpaired.
    • From the home screen, select ‘Nearby Devices’ and then click on the available controller you wish to change profiles for.
    • From the menu options, tap ‘Change Profile.’
    • This should pull up a list of available profile options. Select the one that matches the product you’re using and then pair the device normally.
  • Electrician set up the Casambi but did not provide network credentials to the customer (Can also happen between household members).
    • Tap on the device you wish to unpair and select ‘Unpair Device’ and the app will open the ‘Unpair’ Screen.
    • Tap on the ‘Start’ Button and an orange “Time bar” will appear and start to move across the screen.
    • During the time it takes the bar to move across the screen, flick the power switch off and back on again.
    • If unpairing succeeds, then there is a message that the luminaire has been unpaired.
    • If it fails then try again, but you may need to disconnect one of the input wires from the control unit and quickly reconnect it once the orange “Time bar” has started.

If you have any questions or additional troubleshooting needs, please contact one of our LED Lighting Specialists!

The Casambi Bluetooth 4 Channel PWM Controller with app control is the perfect solution to give you maximum flexibility for controlling your LED lights. Whether you’re installing indoors or outdoors, RGB color changing lights, or tunable white lights, the Casambi controller has a solution to meet your specific needs and preferences. From installation assistance to lighting design options and safety precautions, aspectLED is here to support you every step of the way.