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LED Car Dealership Lighting

Car dealership lighting presents unique challenges in many cases. While the inside of auto dealers should take cues from retail lighting in some ways, the outdoor lot area needs a different sort of attention. LED cost savings allow dealers to install more lights to better highlight their inventory. They also allow for flexibility with color temperature which can give the appearance of a more modern, crisp, clean car lot.


car dealership lot lighting

LED Street & Parking Lot Lights

LED street lights are a perfect for auto dealers because their high luminous efficacy means they throw more light while using less power. In comparison to some incandescent, fluorescent, metal halide, high pressure sodium, and other types of lighting, dealers can get more light without adding fixtures or light poles.

While other lighting technologies also offer no color temperature flexibility, LEDs can be nearly any color. That allows dealers to craft the exact look they want from their lot lighting and provides a clean, modern experience.


Commercial Grade Wide Angle Flood Lights

Ideal for places where street lights won't do the job due to mounting considerations, or situations where more directional adjustment is needed. We have flood lights ranging from 18 watts all the way up to 400 watts. LED floods do not buzz unlike many lighting technologies, and they have a much wider operating temperature window.



Can-Free LED Recessed Lights

Save time and money over standard recessed cans with our low profile can-free recessed LED lighting. They are easy to install for new construction or remodels and save energy. Some of our recessed lights can be ordered with custom beam angles for highlighting specific spots or artwork.


Flexible LED Strip Lights

Accent and edge lighting using flexible LED strip light is gives a premium feel to dealers but is easy and inexpensive to install. Available in single color or color changing varieties.


In-Ground LED Well Lights

Ideal for in-grade interior and exterior applications and highlighting specific cars or showroom areas to direct traffic. Die-cast housing can be poured into concrete and strong stainless steel and glass trim and lens can withstand foot and light vehicle traffic. These lights come with built in extra long-life LEDs so there's no need to worry about bulbs. Available in single color or color changing varieties.


Suspended Ceiling Panels/Troffers

Our suspended ceiling panels can be put into an existing ceiling grid as a T8 tombstone replacement, or hung from above for a more modern and open feel. They make a great substitute for harsh fluorescent tube lights due to their mild, relaxing, linear light output that's easy to look at while providing generous light output.



LED High Bay + Low Bay Lights

High bay and low bay lighting is a great solution for industrial settings and areas with higher ceilings than most buildings. Shops often require extra lighting which makes these a great fit. Choose between a selection of wattages and reflector shades, or elect for our linear, reflector free high bays instead.


LED Canopy Lights

For shops with lower ceilings our low profile canopy lights are a popular choice. Built for parking garages with low ceilings where clearance is a limitation, these fixtures provide similar light levels while only needing a few inches of clearance.


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