A leading manufacturer integrated our flexible strip lights into their X-Ray machines.

With multi-million dollar MRI machines, quality is paramount, and Carestream came to us with that as their primary concern. They wanted blue accent lighting for the extremely high value medical devices they manufacture. Requirements included low maintenance of product, easy installation, great technical support, and long lifespan. aspectLED was able to provide an ideal solution to meet their unique needs.

With ongoing projects, we’ve found consistency is key. We work with countless companies that require the product to be exactly the same and colors/color temperatures to match perfectly every time. Some manufacturers elect to cost cut with their LED quality and go with lower quality chips or be less strict with color temperature binning, sometimes leading to customers ordering the same fixture repeatedly, and receiving a slightly mismatched fixture each time. We recognize our customers expect a level of consistency, so we go out of our way to make sure every LED batch matches as closely as possible.