Casino lighting

LED Casino Lighting

LEDs are a perfect match for casino lighting due to unmatched RGB color changing ability and flexibility, bright, bold light output, and long, low maintenance lifespans. We've worked with the biggest names on the Las Vegas strip to come up with the biggest and brightest solutions at the best price. Some of our projects have included 60 story building uplighting, fully integrated slot machine & game lighting, exterior landscape, parking lot, and valet area lighting, hotel room lighting, and pool/resort area and fountain casino lighting.


Color Changing RGB Recessed Lights

Our Color changing RGB and RGBW recessed lights use the same canless LED technology as our single color recessed fixtures, but with added color changing capability for ultimate flexibility. These are dimmable and provide the perfect blend of useful light, mood lighting and brand consistency. All of our color changing fixtures can be used with DMX systems in order to provide easy centralized color control for an entire facility, despite potentially having countless independent zones.


Ultra Thin Can-Free LED Recessed Lights

Our ultra-thin recessed lights are easy to install, dimmable, and make a great replacement for a traditional recessed "can" light. Great for areas that don't require color changing capability, or just simply need more light.


Round Recessed LED Lights

The same canless design as our ultra-thin fixtures, but with even more flexibility with regards to trim color, voltage, light color, and beam angle. Some of these fixtures also have a gimbal head which allows you to adjust the direction of the beam, ideal for sloped ceilings, or for highlighting specific areas. Spotlight beam angles are perfect for highlighting signage, artwork, or other areas.


Single Color Flexible LED Strip Light

Perfect for edge glow, cove, accent lighting, and signage. Our dimmable flexible tape lights are available in numerous colors, waterproof, varying intensity, and 12VDC or 24VDC.


RGB Color Changing Flexible LED Strip Light

These flexible led strip/tape lights can be color controlled on the fly to create unique scenes and effects. They can also cycle through modes to fade, flash, pulse, or any combination of effects that may be desired. Over 16 million potential color options. Available in waterproof, different voltages, dedicated white chips, and varying intensities.



Flexible LED Strip/Tape Light

We've integrated our LED strip lights with countless OEMs and manufacturers. Some customers can use off-the-shelf solutions, but for those who need custom length, color, plug and play strip light solutions, check out our Custom OEM Strip/Tape Light Solutions page.



LED Neon Flex Lights

Our LED neon flex and mini LED neon flex are innovative products that combine the versatility of LED lighting with the look of the neon lights Vegas has become so popular for. They're waterproof and create a linear light spread to closely mimic traditional neon lights, but have added benefits. These benefits include color changing ability, low voltage or line voltage compatibility, longer life, less power use, and much less susceptibility to damage.


Slim Line Linear LED Wall Washer Flood Lights

Light up the exterior walls of the building and grab attention. These slim linear wall washers are perfect for building exterior lighting due to their compact profile and many length options. They are equipped with advanced daisy chain technology which allows easy installation by running multiple units while only requiring a single wall outlet. Available in single color and color changing variations.


In-Ground LED Well Lights

Ideal for in-grade interior and exterior applications. Die-cast housing can be poured into concrete and strong stainless steel and glass trim and lens can withstand foot and light vehicle traffic. These lights come with built in extra long-life LEDs so there's no need to worry about bulbs. Available in single color or color changing varieties.


Stake and Surface Mount LED Landscape Lights

Our landscape lights are available in stake mount and surface mount varieties and have pivoting heads to allow perfect positioning. Great for lighting trees, landscaping, or virtually anything else outside. Available in single color or color changing varieties.


Color & Color Changing Flood Lights

Designed for commercial grade wall washing, building lighting, and stage lighting, these lights provide substantially higher output than our Slimline series while only needing slightly more space. Available in a variety of colors, or with color changing capability.


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