Custom aluminum extrusions for LEDs


Custom Aluminum Extrusions for LEDs/Lighting

A growing trend with LED products is using flexible LED strip light in an aluminum channel to provide a beautiful linear look and light output.

This is something that previously hasn’t been easy to do with fluorescent, xenon, halogen, and incandescent lighting technologies, but LED opens up a wide variety of new possibilities such as long runs, durability, ambient temperature flexibility, single color or color changing capability, long life span, and ability to go around bends. Plus, most kits can be done with easy to work with low voltage wiring and fixtures.

Aluminum extruding (and plastic extruding) can be an ideal choice for those looking for a linear mounting channel solution to light areas evenly while requiring very little space, without needing ceiling access. Available in infinitely customizable lengths and profiles, they’re ideal for flexible LED strip lights to install into, whether during assembly at our factory, your manufacturing facilities, or during the final installation.

We have a wide variety of channels and extrusions off the shelf, but in the case your project requires something custom, we have experience producing completely custom extrusions designed around your needs and cut to your specifications and with matching lenses.