Custom LED light fixture design


Custom LED Light Fixture Design

LEDs are now the standard choice for lighting, but off the shelf products don’t necessarily give you the flexibility you need to meet your specific project requirements. That’s where we come in to take your vision to reality and build you a bespoke solution without compromise.

We understand that you don’t have the flexibility to design around your lighting. You need your lighting to be designed around everything else. Our custom integrations take that into account. Whether it’s physical space limitations, harsh environments, control limitations, cost concerns, light output, voltage limitations, or tight schedules. Each project has a unique set of requirements and we are happy to do everything possible to hit these requirements.

aspectLED is an industry leader because we truly do provide custom light fixtures. While other manufacturers may claim to build “custom” solutions for OEMs, the reality is they don’t provide much other than custom length strip lights, and LED colors. That’s because they’re resellers and distributors, not manufacturers. We manufacture our own products so we can provide infinitely more flexibility and design capability to build products exactly how you want them at a lower cost than the other guys that provide an inferior solution.