custom LED printed circuit boards


Custom LED Printed Circuit Boards & Light Engines

We have the capability to design and print flexible circuit boards on site, giving us ultimate flexibility over what we can offer and deliver to our customers. But if you don’t need something customized to that level, we’ve got tons of pre-designed options that will still likely fit your needs better than traditional off-the-shelf solutions.

The PCB can be the make it or break it piece of LED components, and is often a huge limitation. While most manufacturers are only able to sell it how they get it from their suppliers, aspectLED has the electrical engineering knowledge, tooling, and equipment to be able to design both rigid and flexible printed circuit boards from scratch and produce them in-house. Not only does that give us the ability to better customize the physical size of the product, but also decreases lead times for our customers and lets us move projects through prototyping and development to production faster.