custom LED fixture prototyping


LED Light Fixture Prototypes

For bigger projects you don’t necessarily want to commit until you’ve seen a preliminary version and verified it works as expected and fits your needs. We understand that and have the scale to build a single kit for testing and modification before ramping up full production of hundreds or thousands of units. That way you can rest assured knowing exactly what will be delivered.

Our R&D staff can often work directly with customers to learn exactly what is needed and determine the best method of getting there. We’ll start by putting together an initial plan and work out a pricing quote and lead time. From there, we can move toward getting your idea prototyped and built.

While we try our hardest to get it right the first time, it’s still important to be able to quickly turn around prototypes and mockups to verify it meets your project requirements and goals while remaining within your budget. On the off chance it doesn’t, we’re happy to iterate, improve, and make changes in a timely fashion. Once you’ve had a chance to review samples, complete product testing, and sign off, we can quickly move to production.