plug and play led lighting


Plug and Play LED Lighting Kits

We understand you can’t always have an electrician there to make your wiring connections – and even if you do, you’d rather not spend the additional time. That’s why we offer products that require zero wiring on your part – we’ll design a complete package to integrate easily with both with your existing environment and any additional fixtures in the kit. All of this allows you to get up and running much easier and faster.

Instead of spending time wiring, crimping, wire-nutting, and heat-shrinking your connections, let us save you the trouble. We have easy to use connectors that make installations smooth and easy and provide you a complete kit from power supply to controls and fixtures. These can be locking connectors to enhance durability and prevent service calls and downtime without sacrificing installation speed.

Already have a connector? We can work with that too. Even in regards to physical installation, we’ve got methods to make mounting and final assembly even easier, even in the tightest locations that don’t allow for traditional mounting or installation methods to work. We’ve often designed retail lighting solutions so simple and easy to install and use, there isn’t a single fastener or wire nut used. That allows for products to be installed with minimal training time and expense for a true turn-key solution.