Victoria's Secret

Custom battery powered low voltage in store display solutions to avoid requiring electricians to wire in each store.

Victoria’s Secret, like many stores, frequently has special in-store displays to highlight special sales, offers, new products, and trends. Unfortunately, with so many different storefront designs and environments, creating a one-size-fits-all solution using traditional means wasn’t an option. They came to us to get creative. They were planning a big display for Black Friday sale, and wanted help with the lighting aspect to create a bright, striking highlight to draw people in and grab attention.

Their limitation was electricity. Because the displays were going to be placed at different locations dependent on the specific store floorplan, having accessible power outlets wasn’t guaranteed. Furthermore, in some commercial areas, the line voltage connections would need to be inaccessible to consumers and therefore hardwired. That would mean requiring an electrician on-site to complete the installation which adds additional cost, time, and complication.

The solution was low voltage battery pack solutions. Many aspectLED fixtures can use 12VDC or 24VDC input voltages. This has a couple of benefits.

  • Displays can be placed anywhere regardless of power availability, rather than being limited to a few options (and assuming those outlets work).
  • Installation can be much faster and lower cost. That's because the battery charging mechanism can be placed out of public view, and the display itself only uses low voltage connections (often with plug and play connectors). That means store personnel can set up the display from start to finish, and simply swap out battery packs as needed.

Of course, battery pack solutions need to be designed with capacity, power draw, and charge time in mind. Even with the low power draw of LEDs, run time can vary. Fortunately, that’s often a small price to pay for the unbeatable installation and placement flexibility it affords retailers.