Custom Retail Fixture, Display & Cabinet Lighting Solutions

Using accent lighting to highlight products and features in a retail environment has been proven to increase sales by as much as 50%. Draw attention to specific products to merchandise more effectively and drive purchasing decisions.

Retail is a competitive industry, and the smallest changes and highlights can make all the difference. We’ve worked with companies like Apple, Starbucks, Papa Murphy’s, and Circle K to provide innovative ways to brighten up and highlight areas that need to catch customers’ attention and influence buying decisions. The biggest brand usually use a combination of normal area lighting, edge glow and linear options, as well as recessed and directional spot lighting.

Color rendering is also critical in retail environments to make your products look their best. Fortunately, LEDs can have great color rendering. aspectLED uses high quality LED chips that have some of the highest CRI (color rendering index) ratings on the market.