DIY LED projects

Do-It-Yourself LED Lighting Projects

Looking for some guidance? Whether you’re a homeowner looking for your next project, or a hotel owner looking for examples of how other hotels have done their landscape lighting, let us help you find the right products for the job. Plus, with an assortment of calculators, installation guides, and video walkthroughs, we’ll help you every step of the way.



Bathroom/Shower Lighting

In the past, damp locations like bathrooms and showers have been limited with regard to recessed lighting options due to bulbs and line voltage components being subject to moisture. Because several of our recessed fixtures run on lower voltage and have a sealed face, there are now more options for lighting these areas.


Cove Ceiling Lighting

Cove lighting is a type of edge glow lighting usually installed in a ceiling cavity as accent lighting. While it’s usually done as single color, color changing/RGB installations are growing in popularity.


Setting up aspectLED lights with Siri, Apple HomeKit, Alexa/Echo, Google Home/Assistant, and Lutron Caseta Wireless

Smart lighting control is a huge trend. Check out how to control our recessed LED lights and dim them easily on your phone or tablet from anywhere.


Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting with Flexible LED Strip Light

Under cabinet lighting is once again growing in popularity due to the unmatched versatility, efficiency, and linear light output of flexible LED strip light. It’s easier and cheaper to install and small enough to be tucked out of sight.


LED Strip Lights: What Do I Need?

If you haven't done it before, planning your LED strip light installation can be difficult, particularly when considering power supplies, controllers, wiring, and products like aluminum channel. Let us help get you pointed in the right direction.


Choosing a Power Supply

Choosing a power supply is a critical piece of any low voltage LED fixture installation, but it can be difficult to determine what is compatible with your chosen products, particularly if you need the ability to dim. We'll walk you through it.



Soffit Lighting

Most traditional cans require too much vertical clearance to fit into a soffit or eave, and often wouldn’t be safe for use in damp locations anyway. Our recessed fixtures are frequently installed in soffits and our low voltage models provide even more flexibility.


Deck Lighting

Deck lights add beauty and comfort to new and existing decks, and in some areas can even be required by code. Many of our LED light fixtures can be used in outdoor applications. We'll take you through your options.