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At aspectLED, informed decisions are our priority. That's why we connect you with a team of LED lighting experts who share our passion for knowledge and innovation. Get to know the minds behind our insightful articles – the industry leaders who bring you trusted expertise at every corner.

Marty Lemke 

A Leader in LED Technology  |  Research and Development  |  Customer Success Manager


With 15+ years of experience in the lighting industry, Marty has built a robust career rooted in innovation and excellence around lighting. He attended Black Hills State University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology. In college, Marty first learned about the possibilities that LEDs could change lighting technology. He was a part of the technological advancement of lighting from fluorescent and halothane to LED in the signage and retail industries. Roles he has had in the past included being a Lighting Auditor, a Signage Lighting Designer, and an LED Video Screen Cabinet Designer. In these jobs, he gained extensive knowledge in LED lighting installations, controls, and technology. He has been part of the aspectLED team since 2021, with many different roles and responsibilities. Currently, he is the leader of the R&D, Tech Support, and Customer Service teams. He leverages his expertise to deliver cutting-edge solutions. He is passionate about the aesthetics of well-designed lighting, emphasizing efficiency and resourceful implementation. He thrives to exceed customer expectations, turning seemingly impossible projects into reality, and consistently driving excellence in lighting control systems.

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