Gas station lighting

LED Gas Station Lighting

One of the most critical aspects to drawing drivers into your gas station is a well lit, clean, safe, and modern appearance from the road. There's no better way of achieving that than upgrading to LED gas station lighting. Light up fuel station outside areas, canopies, soffits and signage, and finish it off with a welcoming convenience store lighting layout. Highlight food and drink products and make them look their best to drive incremental purchase decisions and improve per-visit revenue.


Low Profile LED Canopy Lights

Super bright canopy lights increase the light level under fuel pavilions. This allows safer fuelling, a more modern appearance, and better visibility for cashiers and cameras to monitor area activity. Our canopy lights are easy to install, surface mountable, consume less energy than comparable fixtures, and last 50,000 hours.


LED Suspended Ceiling Panel

Our suspended ceiling panel lights can be surface mounted using our surface mounting kit. That allows a more modern and comfortable environment. These are available in several sizes to achieve optimal light and spacing.



Ultra-Thin Recessed Light

Install recessed lighting in ceilings or soffits to illuminate the interior and exterior of the store, draw attention, and improve safety. Unlike traditional cans, our can-free recessed fixtures can fit in soffits without a housing by using their innovative retention springs.


Single Color Flexible LED Strip Light

Perfect for edge glow, cove, accent lighting, and signage. Our dimmable flexible tape lights are available in numerous colors or color changing, waterproof, varying intensity, and 12VDC or 24VDC.


LED Neon Flex Light

Our LED neon flex and mini LED neon flex are innovative products that combine the versatility of LED lighting with the iconic look of neon. They're waterproof and create a linear light spread to closely mimic traditional neon lights, but have added benefits. These benefits include color changing ability, low voltage or line voltage compatibility, longer life, less power use, and much less susceptibility to damage.


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