Marine lighting

LED Marine Lighting, Boat Lighting, Yacht Lighting

Marine lighting has traditionally had unique requirements in relation to residential and commercial lighting, or automotive. In the past, most incandescent lights had to run on higher voltage than is available in most smaller boats running on 12 or 24 volt DC systems. It also is a moist environment, has to be able to survive splashes in many cases, and has to be easily mountable in almost any location. Most yachts and house boats have low ceilings in their enclosed areas. That makes surface mount fixtures like dome lights even more difficult to install, because with low ceilings, yacht owners often can't afford to give up valuable head room in their vessels. Fortunately, thanks to new advances and LED lighting technology, we've been able to overcome these limitations and even open up new options and give boat owners innovative ways to improve the lighting on their boats.


Low Voltage LED Recessed Lights

Recessed ceiling lights have been known for being difficult to install on boats for several reasons. They traditionally require a can and therefore more height. They have normally run on line voltage, whereas boats typically only have 12VDC systems. aspectLED's marine grade downlights solve all of these pain points. They're can-free and install using an easy spring mechanism, allowing installation directly into your headliner, hard-top, walls, or anywhere. Most are available in low voltage versions, allowing for seamless wiring by connecting into an appropriate voltage regulated 12VDC supply..



Flexible LED Strip Light

Perfect for edge glow, cove, accent lighting, or hallways to add a bit of a modern style. Our dimmable flexible tape lights are available in numerous colors or color changing, waterproof, varying intensity, and 12VDC or 24VDC. Most people in marine environments choose to mount our waterproof LED strip light in an aluminum channel with a frosted lens, which gives them an attractive, sleek finish and diffuses the light to prevent individual LEDs from being visible.


Surface Mount Lights/Dome Lights

LED Puck Lights

Ideal for locations where super easy mounting is critical or clearance issues prevent recessed lights from fitting. These puck lights can also be installed at any angle, making them one of our most versatile products. Perfect for retrofits, hardtops, arches, and gunnels.


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