Medical lighting

LED Medical & Healthcare Lighting

Clinics, emergency rooms, urgent care facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, and dentist offices have unique concerns when it comes to lighting - and a unique environment as well. Our solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of medical facilities, improving patient experiences. They also help to ensure your caregivers have an optimal work environment to improve productivity, effectiveness, and performance.


Ultra Thin Can-Free LED Recessed Lights

Recessed lights add a unique look that can't be easily replicated with other products. Traditional cans are difficult and expensive to install for new construction and even harder to retrofit. Fortunately, our super thin recessed lights can be installed almost anywhere. One unique benefit to ultra-thin recessed lights in healthcare environments is ease of cleaning and decontamination. Standard recessed cans had open area around the bulb that made cleaning difficult and ineffective, but our ultra-thin recessed lights have a sealed, flat face allowing them to be simply wiped down - even when on.


Round Recessed LED Lights

The same canless design as our ultra-thin fixtures, but with even more flexibility with regards to trim color, voltage, light color, and beam angle. Some of these fixtures also have a gimbal head which allows you to adjust the direction of the beam, ideal for sloped ceilings, or for highlighting specific areas.


Single Color Flexible LED Strip Light

Perfect for edge glow, cove, accent lighting, and signage. Our dimmable flexible tape lights are available in numerous colors or color changing, waterproof, varying intensity, and 12VDC or 24VDC.



Suspended Ceiling Lights / Troffers

Suspended ceiling lights are a great upgrade from T8 tube lights, tombstones, and diffusers. They provide a completely linear light output that's easy to look at while providing excellent light output. They can be hung from the ceiling or fit directly into an existing grid ceiling.


Flexible LED Strip Lights

Edge lighting using flexible LED strip light is a great way to give a premium feel to hotel guest rooms, without a premium purchase and installation cost.


In-Wall Recessed Step Lights

In-wall lights are ideal for accent and night lighting. Placed a couple feet off the floor in patient rooms, they help to ensure patients can safely access restrooms during the night. They're available in line and low voltage, multiple styles and shapes, and in your choice of LED light color.


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