Getting Started with T8 LED Replacement Tubes

LED T8 Replacement Tubes

Converting your T8 fluorescent fixtures to LED is quick and easy!

To get started, there are just a few basic steps that you need to follow:

Before you being, disconnect power to the fixture at your circuit breaker!

1) Open the fixture and remove the cover for the ballast bay

2) Disconnect and remove your ballast, cutting the wires that feed into the ballast from each end of your tube (cut these wires as close to your ballast as possible)

3) To bypass the ballast, connect your black (hot wire) to the wires coming from one end of the fixture. Connect your white (neutral wire) to the wire(s) coming from the other end of your fixture.

4) Check your connections and re-install the cover for your fixture

5) Install your LED T8 bulbs and restore power to your fixture

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