pergola lighting

LED Pergola Lighting - Pavilion Lighting - Gazebo Lighting

Outdoor locations like pergolas, pavilions, and gazebos are huge trends lately, but the lighting often isn't quite as straightforward as fully enclosed structures. With outdoor buildings, lights have to be able to withstand environments with moisture, and hiding wires is often difficult, so low voltage wiring is preferred. aspectLED manufactures a wide range of single color and color changing LED fixtures from recessed lights to strip lights that pair nicely with these applications, look beautiful, and last for many years to come.


Ultra Thin Can-Free LED Recessed Lights

Recessed lights add a unique look that can't be easily replicated with other products. Traditional cans are a non-starter for pergolas, gazebos, and pavilions due to their installation requirements and difficulty. Fortunately, our super thin recessed lights can be installed almost anywhere because they are less than an inch thick, don't require a can, and use a simple, innovative spring clip mechanism to install into the ceiling. These are easily dimmable and available in several sizes to allow for the same lighting style and aesthetic with different size and output lights.


Can-Free Recessed LED Lights

The same canless design as our ultra-thin fixtures, but with even more flexibility with regards to trim color, voltage, light color, and beam angle. Some of these fixtures also have a gimbal head which allows you to adjust the direction of the beam, ideal for sloped ceilings. Available in color changing variations as well to allow even more unique theme and scene customization.



Single Color Flexible LED Strip Light

Perfect for edge glow, cove, and accent lighting. For pergolas and pavilions with integrated grills and kitchens, LED tape lights also work well as under cabinet, under counter, task, and toe kick lighting, especially when used with aluminum channel. Our dimmable flexible tape lights are available in numerous colors or color changing, waterproof, multiple brightness options, and 12VDC or 24VDC.


Sconce Lights

Our LED wall sconces offer timeless looks while easily mounting on the wall or posts and providing all the benefits of LED lighting.


In-Ground LED Well Lights

Ideal for in-grade applications. Die-cast housing can be poured into concrete sidewalks or mounted in wood floors, and strong stainless steel and glass trim and lens can withstand foot and light vehicle traffic. These lights come with built in extra long-life LEDs so there's no need to worry about bulbs. Available in single color or color changing varieties.


Stake and Surface Mount LED Landscape Lights

Our landscape lights are available in stake mount and surface mount varieties and have pivoting heads to allow perfect positioning. Great for lighting trees, landscaping, or virtually anything else outside. Available in single color or color changing varieties.


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