Eaton ACCELL Accessory Smart Dimmer for Eaton AAL06 Multi-Location

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The Eaton Cooper ARD companion/accessory dimmer works with your existing AAL06 master dimmer as a slave dimmer to provide additional benefits over a traditional 3-way dimmer configuration. The ARD dimmer matches perfectly with the AAL06 series units, but as a slave dimmer it only has 2 wires and a ground, allowing you to save installation time. The AAL06 and ARD dimmers also have an LED readout displaying current dimming level. Accurate readout will appear on master and all accessory dimmers. The ARD Accessory Dimmer retains all factory features of the AAL06 including low end trim, high end trim, kick start, and delayed-off capabilities.

Please note, this product does nothing by itself and must be used with an existing AAL06 master dimmer. If you only wish to dim in one location, please use the AAL06.

DimmableRoHS CompliantUL Listed

Physical Dimensions & Specifications

Dimensions 2.3" Deep
1.75" Wide
4.3" Tall
Required Master Dimmer Cooper-Eaton AAL06
Maximum Wattage See AAL06 Max Wattage
Dimming Types This dimmer utilizes multi-dimming technology and is compatible with ELV, MLV, and incandescent loads.
Pole Type Multi-Location
Compatible Faceplates Use with many standard toggle faceplate styles, trim plate sold separately.
Warranty 1 Year


  • Installer-friendly: easy to install, mount and configure
  • Compatible with many 120VAC aspectLED lights and power supplies


  • Residential lighting control
  • Commercial/hospitality lighting control

Cut Sheet/Specifications

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This calculator applies only to low voltage (12 or 24VDC) recessed lights. If you're chooseing 120VAC lights, you can ignore this section as you don't need a power supply. When using low voltage LED recessed lights, a power supply (sometimes called a driver or transformer) is used to provide the LED lights with the low voltage power that they need to run. The power supply connects to standard house current (120VAC) and steps this current down to 12 or 24VDC. In automotive or marine applications, this power can be supplied from a 12vdc or 24vdc battery. The most popular low-voltage choice used by residential and commercial customers is 24VDC, since it is still a safe low voltage and yet it provides more protection against voltage drop, and consumes less current. If you have any questions about sizing your power supply, please don't hesitate to chat live with an LED expert.

Select the wattage per fixture that you're planning to use. You can find the fixture's wattage under the product specs/overview tab.

Choose your preferred voltage. 24VDC is most common for residential and commercial applications.


Enter the total number of lights that you want to connect to your power supply. When you're completing a large area or room, you would typically use multiple power supplies, one for each "zone" or group of lights that you want to control. So, you'll need one power supply for each dimmer or switch that you want.

Calculator Results

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Simply round *up* to the nearest power supply size. Remember that it never hurts to go larger with your power supply, but your lights will not operate properly if your power supply is too small. If needed, you can also use multiple power suppliesto meet your consumption requirement.
The minimum power supply size automatically adds 20% to your total consumption to account for voltage drop and in-rush current at startup, also, most inspectors will consider the power supply a current generating device and they won't let you load it over 80% continuous, so the 20% added solves for this as well.

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