Extension Cable for Recessed LED Light

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These extension cables are designed to be used to extend the distance between your recessed light and it's driver. They are available in 2 foot, 5 foot, 10 foot, 25 foot and 50 foot lengths. They come with preattached connectors designed to work with the connectors on your Ultra Thin lights. Makes installation a breeze requiring no wire cutting and splicing.

Multiple cables may not be connected together to make longer lengths. These cables are sized appropriately for each length and should not be used for longer distances than they are rated for.

RoHS Compliant

Physical Dimensions & Specifications

Part # AL-RL-EXT
Dimensions Select 2', 5', 10', 25' or 50' Lengths
Connector thickness: 0.5"
Wire thickness: 0.18"
Suitable for Use With For use only with the following aspectLED products:
aspectLED 3.5" Ultra-Thin Recessed LED Lights
aspectLED 4.75" Ultra-Thin Recessed LED Lights
aspectLED 6" Ultra-Thin Recessed LED Lights
aspectLED 6.5" Ultra-Thin Recessed LED Lights
aspectLED 9" Ultra-Thin Recessed LED Lights
aspectLED 2" Recessed LED Lights
aspectLED 2.25" Recessed LED Lights
aspectLED 3.15" Recessed LED Lights (3W and 9W versions)
aspectLED 3.5" Recessed LED Lights (3W and 9W versions)
aspectLED 4.2" Recessed LED Lights
aspectLED 5.2" Recessed LED Lights
Warranty 1 Year
In-Wall Rated Yes


  • Installer-friendly: easy to install, mount and configure
  • Easy to use, just screw the preexisting connectors together


  • aspectLED Ultra Thin Recessed Lights - All Sizes
  • aspectLED Round Recessed Single Color Lights - All Sizes
  • aspectLED Modern Series Recessed Lights - All Sizes

Cut Sheet/Specifications

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