N-Series (Narrow) Flexible LED Strip Light - Standard Bright (18 LEDs/foot)

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aspectLED's Flexible LED strip lights are a perfect solution for a wide variety of architectural and accent lighting applications including; cove lighting, under-cabinet lighting, back-lighting, pathway lighting and decorative lighting. Our Standard Bright N-Series (narrow) flexible LED strip lights are made with wire leads on both ends of each 16.4' reel and can be cut every 2" (12VDC), allowing you to cut pieces to the exact length that you need.

Dimmable LED Strip LightsRoHS CompliantUL Listed

Quality and Performance

Not all LED products are made equal. Our superior quality flexible PCBs (printed circuit boards) and automated SMT equipment ensure a top notch product that runs cooler and lasts longer, and we use binned LED chips that are sorted to ensure the highest level of consistency and luminous efficacy.

Consistency and Reliability

Our commercial electrician, contractor, and OEM manufacturing customers have been buying from us for years because they know our product has unmatched consistency. We recognize that you don’t want to worry about changing dimensions, color temperatures varying, products not being available anymore, or unreliable customer service.

Customizable LED Strip Light

LED color, 12 volt or 24 volt DC voltage options and IP65 and IP68 waterproofing levels are just the start. We do custom strip width, brightness, PCB color, CRI, match specific brand colors, manufacture custom lengths, pre-install custom connectors, and make virtually any other customization that you can think of. Contact us for details.

US Based

aspectLED is a division of Wilson Tool, a multinational manufacturing company with offices in 11 countries and nearly 2,000 employees around the world. We warehouse right here in Minnesota at our 100,000 square foot headquarters, and if you call, you'll speak to a real person who talks to customers like you every day.

Physical Dimensions & Specifications

Non-Waterproof Water Resistant Waterproof
Dimensions 5/16" (8mm) wide
1/16" (2mm) thick
16.4' (5M) long
5/16" (8mm) wide
1/8" (2.6mm) thick
16.4' (5M) long
7/16" (11mm) wide
3/16" (4mm) thick
16.4' (5M) long
Distance Between LEDs 9/16" (14mm) 9/16" (14mm) 9/16" (14mm)
Cut Length 12VDC: 2" (50.8mm)
24VDC: 4" (100.16mm)
12VDC: 2" (50.8mm)
24VDC: 4" (100.16mm)
12VDC: 2" (50.8mm)
24VDC: 4" (100.16mm)
IP Rating IP20 Indoor Use
Dry Location
IP65 Splash Resistant IP68 Submersible
Adhesive Backing Yes / 3M Adhesive Yes / 3M Adhesive No
Mounting Method Adhesive Backing Adhesive Backing Mounting Straps or Adhesive Caulk
Input Voltage 12VDC or 24VDC 12VDC or 24VDC 12VDC or 24VDC
Beam Angle 120 Degrees 120 Degrees 120 Degrees
Dimmable Yes Yes Yes
Max Power Consumption 1.46 Watts per foot
(4.8 Watts per meter)
1.46 Watts per foot
(4.8 Watts per meter)
1.46 Watts per foot
(4.8 Watts per meter)
Max Luminous Flux Up to 124 Lumens per foot Up to 124 Lumens per foot Up to 124 Lumens per foot
LED Type SMD 3528 LED Chips SMD 3528 LED Chips SMD 3528 LED Chips
LED Color Soft White 2700K
Warm White 3000K
Neutral White 4000K
DayWhite (formerly Cool White) 6000K
Blue 465-470nm
Green 520-525nm
Red 620-625nm
Yellow 590-595nm
Soft White 3500K
Warm White 3800K
Neutral White 4900K
DayWhite (formerly Cool White) 7000K
Blue 465-470nm
Green 520-525nm
Red 620-625nm
Yellow 590-595nm
Soft White 3500K
Warm White 3800K
Neutral White 4900K
DayWhite (formerly Cool White) 7000K
Blue 465-470nm
Green 520-525nm
Red 620-625nm
Yellow 590-595nm
LED Quantity 18 LEDs per foot
(300 per reel)
18 LEDS per foot
(300 per reel)
18 LEDS per foot
(300 per reel)
Max Run 16.4 feet @ 12VDC
32 feet @ 24VDC
16.4 feet @ 12VDC
32 feet @ 24VDC
16.4 feet @ 12VDC
32 feet @ 24VDC
Weight 0.4 lbs per reel 0.6 lbs per reel 1.0 lbs per reel
Estimated Lifespan 50,000 hours 50,000 hours 50,000 hours
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Suitable Uses Dry Location Only Dry or Damp Locations Dry, Damp or Wet Locations
Standards / Certifications UL Listed, RoHS UL Listed, RoHS UL Listed, RoHS

  • Maintenance free
  • Solid-state construction makes for high shock and vibration resistance
  • SMD 3528 LEDs are super bright, high intensity and low power consumption
  • Extremely long life: up to 50,000 hours with very low time-luminosity decay
  • No RF interference
  • Custom flexible PCB board color are available in white, black (special order) or yellow (special order)


  • Architectural lighting for canopies, corridors, archways, windows
  • Downlighting or uplighting for wall wash applications
  • Backlighting or edgelighting for signage
  • Edge-lighting for glass
  • Under-cabinet, toe-kick, in-cove moldings
  • DIY projects
  • Safety stairtread and step marking
  • Decorative lighting for holidays, tradeshows, exhibitions
  • Under counter lighting
Note: Luminous flux information applies only to white LEDs. Color LEDs are measured in mcd, rather than lm. Contact a sales representative for assistance.


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How long is the lead length on a normal strip light?
Every strip light is made with 6" wire leads on both ends of the 16.4' reel of lights. This allows you to cut the strip light anywhere and utilize both ends for your project.
Should I choose Standard Brightness or Ultra Bright?
This is a personal preference and depends on your application. If you generally like your light levels high or more bright or if you are trying to light a larger area, go with Ultra Bright as the light will spread farther. If you generally like a dimmer light, go with Standard Bright. For example, Standard Bright will still be bright enough to light a counter as under-cabinet lighting and makes a nice accent lighting for cove lighting. However, if you want more of a task lighting at your counters or you want to wash a wall with light, you will likely be happier with Ultra Bright. If you are unsure, go with Ultra Bright and use a dimmer to allow you to choose your own brightness once installed.
Do I need Waterproof, Water Resistant or Non-Waterproof?
To select the right LED strip light, consider your application. If it is going to be used outdoors where it will be exposed to rain, humidity or moisture go with the Waterproof. The Waterproof strip lights are completely encased in silicone and can be submersed under water. They are also more resilient to heavy traffic or abuse because of this protection layer. If it will be used indoors near a sink or in a location where it might occasionally get splashed, or under a covered roof outdoors where it will be protected from most moisture, go with Water Resistant. If you are using it indoors and there is no chance of direct water or moisture exposure, the Non-Waterproof will be your best bet.
What lengths are available? What if I need longer than 16.4'?
All of our strip lights are manufactured to 16.4' (5 Meters) but they can be daisy chained together. For high volume, special orders can be made custom to length. Call or chat for more information. For specific questions about your application, feel free to chat with one of our LED lighting experts.
Can I connect multiple strip lights together?
Yes, you can but the distance you can run will depend on the voltage you select. If you plan to run more than 16 feet select 24VDC strip lights and you can run up to 32 feet or 2 full reels daisy chained together. If you plan to cut your strip lights and are looking for pre-made connectors to avoid soldering, check out our Strip Light Connectors and make your install easier.
How do I connect my strip lights to the power supply?
On the strip light, there are two wires; a red wire and a black wire. The red wire is the line(+) wire and the black wire is the neutral(-) wire. Your power supply will also have a line(+) and neutral(-) wire. Connect the corresponding wires together using standard wire nuts or splice/crimp connectors.
What gauge wire should I use to run between my strip light and my power supply?
This depends on the distance between your strip light and the power supply. We generally recommend using between 18ga and 14ga stranded wire. Longer distances require larger gauge wire. Always consult a wire gauge chart to determine the correct size wire for your application.
Which voltage option should I choose?
12VDC: 12 volt strip lights are popular for battery powered applications like automotive, motorcycle, boat/marine applications, or anywhere where you are connecting to a 12VDC supply. Our 12V strip lights also typically have the cut points closer together. Some applications may require a separate 12VDC power supply!
24VDC: Our 24 volt option is the most popular for residential and commercial applications. 24VDC is a safe low voltage, dims the best, usually runs farther without voltage drop issues, and is the most stable and reliable voltage for your aspectLED strip lights. Requires a separate 24VDC supply!

LED strip lights are a low-voltage (12VDC or 24VDC) product and require a constant source of low voltage power in order to operate. In most residential or commercial applications, a power supply (sometimes called a driver or transformer) is used to provide the LED strip lights with the low voltage power that they need to run. The power supply connects to standard house current (120VAC) and steps this current down to 12 or 24VDC. In automotive or marine applications, this power can be supplied from a 12vdc or 24vdc battery. The most popular voltage used by residential and commercial customers is 24VDC, since it is still a safe low voltage and yet it provides more protection against voltage drop, and consumes less current. If you have any questions about sizing your power supply, please don't hesitate to chat live with an LED expert.

Select the LED strip light that you'd like to use for your calculations. Choosing the right strip light is important because each strip light has a different power consumption (wattage/foot).

Choose your preferred voltage. 24VDC is most common for residential and commercial applications.


Enter the total footage of LEDs that you want to connect to your power supply. Only include the length of your LED strip lights. Don't include the length of any wires.

Calculator Results

Please make your selections above and press calculate.



Simply round *up* to the nearest power supply size. Remember that it never hurts to go larger with your power supply, but your lights will not operate properly if your power supply is too small. If needed, you can also use multiple power suppliesto meet your consumption requirement.
The minimum power supply size automatically adds 20% to your total consumption to account for voltage drop and in-rush current at startup.

View our dimmable power supplies.

View our non-dimmable power supplies.

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