retail lighting

Universal Grocery/Retail Shelf & Gondola Lighting

Retail shelving, gondolas, end caps, and displays are difficult to light. There's countless shelving manufacturers with slightly different design. We've designed ours specifically with limitations in mind, ensuring plug and play, universal functionality. It's also important to ensure durability and ease of use while moving shelves and adjusting height. We have the solution.

Retailers have spent years perfecting general area and ceiling lighting, parking lots, and even specific product highlights in some stores. The biggest hurdle that remains is the capability to light shelving throughout stores to improve physical appearance of products and draw more attention.

However, there are special considerations in this area. With dozens of shelving manufacturers building retail shelf units, gondolas, end caps, and more for countless retail markets, compatibility is key.

  • Fitment with manufacturer's products and different types of shelves
  • Durability to be bumped and scratched with products during stocking and by customers
  • Small enough to avoid being seen
  • All connections concealed and hidden
  • Low voltage for easy and safe wiring
  • Easy to adjust shelving height without plugging and unplugging
  • Low cost to run and long life span

LED lighting solves a couple of these limitations, but many have still remained. aspectLED has built shelf lighting solutions for some of the largest players in the retail shelving industry and our solutions have been designed with these specific needs being met.