trade show booth lighting

LED Trade Show Lighting, Booth Lighting

Trade show booth lighting is one of the most unique markets we serve, and one of the best fits for LED lighting. Fixtures have to be easily installed, bright enough to grab attention, long lasting, and durable enough to withstand being put up and taken down constantly. Additionally, color changing functionality adds another level of attention grabbing detail to booths which is not possible with other lighting technologies.


Can-Free LED Recessed Lights

Recessed ceiling lights have been known for being difficult to install in portable booths for several reasons. They traditionally require a can and therefore more height which can protrude out the top of the booth. Plus, they need to be incredibly durable and handle being knocked and battered as the booth is put up and taken down repeatedly. aspectLED's downlights solve all of these pain points. They're only a couple inches tall, can-free, and install using an easy spring mechanism, allowing installation virtually anywhere. There's also no filament, and not much concern of breakage.



Flexible LED Strip Light

Perfect for edge glow, cove, accent lighting, or hallways to add a bit of a modern style. Our dimmable flexible tape lights are available in numerous colors or color changing, waterproof, varying intensity, and 12VDC or 24VDC. Many of our customers choose to mount our LED strip light in an aluminum channel with a frosted lens, which gives them an attractive, sleek finish and diffuses the light to prevent individual LEDs from being visible.


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