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LED Toe Kick Lighting for Your Kitchen & Bathroom

Toe kick lighting involves installing lights under the base cabinets in a kitchen or under the bathroom vanity, typically positioned 2-4 inches off the ground and facing down toward the floor. This type of lighting adds both functionality and aesthetic appeal to these spaces. Toe kick lighting is a relatively new trend in renovations and is steadily gaining popularity. It helps define the cabinets and illuminate pathways, serving as an excellent accent to general lighting. Using LED lights for toe kick lighting offers several benefits including energy efficiency, long lifespan, and the ability to create a variety of lighting effects to enhance the overall ambiance.

Benefits of Toe Kick Lighting

  • Improved Visibility Toe kick lighting offers nighttime illumination, making it easier to navigate a bathroom or kitchen without needing to turn on general, or overhead, lights.
  • Aesthetic Enhancement: This lighting adds definition to the transition between the floor and cabinets, enhancing the overall design of the space
  • Mood Lighting Equipped with a dimmer switch, toe kick lighting can be adjusted to create the perfect ambiance for any mood.

Types of Lights for Toe Kicks

  • Strip Lights: LED Strip lights are available in various color temperatures and are the most popular choice for toe kick lighting, providing a versatile and efficient solution. Warm white (3000K) is the most common color temperature for this application, however you can choose any light temperature to suit your preferences as well as RGB or tunable white.
  • Light Bars: LED Lightbars are a prefinished solution that you can custom order to your exact size requirements or purchase in standard sizes. Their installation is more time-efficient compared to strip lights, as there's no need to assemble the fixture.
  • Puck Lights: While LED puck lights can be used for toe kick installations, they are not typically recommended. Puck lights lack a focused beam until they are at least 12 inches from the surface they are illuminating, making them less effective for this purpose.
  • Rope Lights: Rope lights are an older technology, usually consisting of incandescent lights encased in a clear hose. They are not ideal for toe kick lighting as the diodes are visible, they generate a lot of heat, and have a short lifespan of around 1,000 hours.
  • Fluorescent lights: Fluorescent lights are comparable to strip lights in application, but they use more power and are based on older technology. They wear out the fastest among the options available.

Toe Kick Lighting For Kitchens

In the kitchen, toe kick lighting enhances safety by illuminating walking paths, elevates the design by defining the lines of your cabinets and flooring, and allows for mood customization when general, or overhead, lighting is not in use. The most popular strip light color temperature for kitchen toe kicks is warm white (3000K). Popular products for this application include our N-Series Ultra-Bright and L-Series Dotless.

Design Ideas for Kitchen Environments

To enhance toe kick lighting design, consider using an aluminum channel with a lens to protect the strip lights from dust and debris. Another design enhancement is incorporating a dimmer switch to adjust the lighting to your desired ambiance.

Installation Considerations in Kitchens

Power supplies are essential for operating your toe kick light system. If you plan to dim the toe kick lighting, you will need a dimmable power supply. These power supplies should be placed in an accessible location, typically at the back of a cabinet.

Before installation, thoroughly plan your system design and layout as it is essential to consider how you will wire around appliances and gaps. For dimming, it’s best to power all strip lights from one dimmable power supply using in-wall rated low-voltage wire. Proper planning ensures a seamless and effective installation.
toe-kick lighting under cabinets

Toe Kick Lighting in the Bathroom

In the bathroom toe kick lighting can act as a nightlight, avoiding the need to use general, or overhead, lighting after dark. It also provides added safety by illuminating walking paths. The most popular color temperature for this application is warm white (3000K). Popular products for this application include our N-Series Ultra-Bright and water-resistant L-Series Dotless.

Design Ideas for Bathroom Environments

Toe kick lighting is ideal for installation under a bathroom vanity, providing accent light for the small space while remaining out of the way during daily bathroom tasks. Since bathrooms are wet environments, it's essential to use water-resistant or waterproof strip lights. When using water-resistant or waterproof strip lights, be aware that the waterproof coating can shift the color temperature, typically making it approximately 700-900 degrees cooler.

Installation Considerations in Bathrooms

Power supplies are necessary to operate your toe kick light system. If you want to dim the toe kick lighting, ensure you have a dimmable power supply. These should be placed in an accessible location, usually at the back of a cabinet.

While bathrooms typically don't have appliances or gaps to navigate around, it is still important to thoroughly plan your wiring design. Proper planning helps guarantee a smooth and efficient installation.

led toe-kick lighting in bathroom

Creative Uses and Design Ideas for Toe Kick Lighting

One creative use for toe kick lighting is in small, furniture-filled spaces like hotel rooms. Installing toe kick lighting under beds, dressers, and vanities helps create pathways for guests while adding a high-end, bespoke appearance to the room. This use of toe kick lighting not only enhances the room's aesthetic but also improves safety by creating clear, well-lit paths.

Toe kick lighting can also be integrated with smart home systems like Lutron Caseta which, when paired with the Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Bridge, is compatible with Google Home, Alexa, and Apple HomeKit. This allows you to operate the lighting through voice control, app-based controls, and remote controls, providing numerous ways to customize and manage your lighting system.


Toe kick lighting is a versatile and stylish addition to any kitchen or bathroom, offering both functional and aesthetic benefits. By installing lights under base cabinets or vanities, you can enhance visibility, create appealing design accents, and set the perfect mood with adjustable lighting options. Using LED lights for toe kick lighting is particularly advantageous due to their energy efficiency, long lifespan, and ability to produce various lighting effects. Whether you choose strip lights, puck lights, or another option, there's a solution to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Explore the various options and designs for toe kick lighting to transform your kitchen or bathroom into a beautifully lit and functional space.

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