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Non-Dimmable LED
Power Supply Installation Guide


aspectLED offers a full line of constant voltage LED power supplies (drivers). A high quality constant voltage power supply results in your LED lights using less energy, shining brighter, and lasting longer. That’s why aspectLED offers the highest quality LED power supplies. Our power supplies can be used with a wide variety of in-line LED dimmers. All of our power supplies are energy efficient and eco-friendly.
Our power supplies feature flexible input voltage and can be ordered in 12VDC or 24VDC outputs. Wattage displayed is the Maximum Wattage. These power supplies are rated to run at 80% continuous wattage.

To accommodate a wide variety of installation methods and applications, some power supplies are manufactured with more than one output wire lead. These are not necessarily required for every application. If your installation only requires one of the output wire leads, please separately cap the unwanted leads using wire nuts and/or electrical tape (take care to make sure the positive and negative wires do not touch each other! This will cause an electrical short and damage your power supply). Each output lead is pulling from the same source, for example a 300 Watt supply with two leads can still only give a total of 300 Watts whether you use one or both output leads. If you have any questions during your installation, please feel free to contact our electrician’s helpdesk at 888-503-1317 option 3 or via e-mail at

Non-Dimmable Power Supply Wattage Maximum Continuous Wattage Voltage SKU Dimensions
30W 24W 12VDC AL-PS-W-30-12 7-3/8” long
1-1/4” wide
7/8” thick
24VDC AL-PS-W-30-24
60W 48W 12VDC AL-PS-W-60-12 7-1/2” long
2” wide
1-3/8” thick
24VDC AL-PS-W-60-24
96W 76W 12VDC AL-PS-W-100-12 7-1/4” long
2-3/4” wide
1-1/8” thick
24VDC AL-PS-W-100-24
150W 120W 12VDC AL-PS-W-150-12 9-1/2” long
2-3/4” wide
1-5/8” thick
24VDC AL-PS-W-150-24
200W 160W 12VDC AL-PS-W-200-12 9-1/2” long
2-3/4” wide
1-5/8” thick
24VDC AL-PS-W-200-24
250W 200W 12VDC AL-PS-W-250-12 9-1/4” long
4-3/4” wide
2-1/8” thick
24VDC AL-PS-W-250-24
300W 240W 12VDC AL-PS-W-300-12 9-7/8” long
3” wide
2-1/16” thick
24VDC AL-PS-W-300-24
Tools You’ll Need
  • Wire stripper
  • Screw driver
  • Drill (optional)
Before You Begin

We know how boring it can be to read instructions, so we’ll keep this installation guide as short and sweet as possible. Before you begin with your installation, be sure to fully read the installation instructions. This installation guide is intended to be a helpful supplement, containing useful tips and pointers that will help to ensure a perfect installation, save you time, and ensure your safety. It is important that you install this product (and all other electrical products) in accordance with the National Electric Code (NEC) and all applicable local building and electrical codes for your area. If you are unfamiliar with the NEC, your local building/electrical codes, and/or the proper installation methods for electrical devices, you should hire a qualified and licensed electrician to do the work for you.

Before doing any electrical work, always disconnect power at the fuse or circuit breaker.

Input Voltage See driver label
Output Voltage See driver label
Ambient temperature -40°F~140°F (-40°C~60°C)
Minimum Load ≥60%
Maximum load Refer to derating curve
Important Considerations

This power supply is suitable for use in indoor/exterior dry or damp locations. When using this power supply in exterior damp locations, it must be installed where it is protected from rain or other moisture by installing in a weatherproof electrical enclosure like the one shown above.

This power supply is not suitable for wet location use. This power supply is not submersible.

Derating Curve
This product is suitable for environments of ambient temperatures between -40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C). It is important that power supplies are not installed outside this range. Precautions should be taken when installing in ambient temperatures of over 100°F to avoid overheating and damage to the driver. Refer to the derating curve above.
Wiring Connections
  • Determine a suitable location to install the 3 components as labeled in System Diagram.
    This will include suitable wire installed between the power supply, the LED light fixture, and any controls. It is important to choose the correct wire for the specific application, this is dependent on voltage drop, amperage rating, and environment. Please consult a voltage drop and wire sizing chart to determine adequate wire size. Using the incorrect wire size will damage your products! If installing wiring in a wall or ceiling, always use in-wall rated wiring.

  • Mount your power supply.
    Using the mounting holes as labeled in Wiring Connections, fasten the driver to a sturdy surface in the desired orientation using appropriate screws and a Phillips or flathead screwdriver.

  • Make your low voltage connections.
    Attach the LED light fixtures (making sure the load is at least 60% the labeled load) and on/off switch by referring to the System Diagram and installation guides for both the lights and switches available at www. Make sure to only use copper wiring. Do not install different LED fixture types on the same power supply as flickering and faulty dimming may occur. Before reconnecting power at the fuse or circuit breaker, install any additional components and verify all connections.

  • Ensure location allows proper heat dissipation.
    When installing in ambient temperatures that may reach over 100°, refer to the derating curve in Figure 4 to avoid overheating and damage to the driver.

  • Plug in your power supply.
    You have the option of either plugging in your power supply with the included wall plug, or cutting the end off and hard wiring it to a switch, depending on your application.

  • Double check and power up.
    Once you’ve finished, double check all connections and turn on power to your circuit. Test functionality of your installation. If you experience issues, see the trouble shooting guide on page 8, or contact technical support at (888) 503-1317 option 3 or

  • That’s it! You’re finished!
    Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the low clearance installation process. Once your light is installed into the ceiling, your project is finished. Now is a great time to take a moment to sit down and enjoy your favorite beverage while giving yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.

More product resources and helpful tips on YouTube.