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6.3" Recessed Light for Flat or Sloped Ceilings - 18 LED (18W)

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RoHS Compliant Dimmable 3 Year Warranty

aspectLED's recessed lights are bright, energy efficient, and attractively styled, making them perfect for virtually any residential or commercial application. At under 5" tall, our 6.3" round LED recessed light can fit into tight spaces that a traditional recessed can light can't, such as ceilings with ductwork/piping/obstructions, hot-roof ceilings with limited vertical clearance, and tight soffits. These lights feature an easily adjustable LED face that can be pointed straight downward, making them compatible with sloped ceilings (up to 6/12 pitch). Our slope ceiling recessed lights also make perfect art spotlights or wall accent lights, as they can also be installed in flat ceilings and adjusted to point at walls, artwork, or sculptures.

  • Up to 1,700 Lumens
  • 18 Watts
  • Beam Angle:
    60° or 15°
24VDC 120VAC
Part # AL-RL-S-63-S-S-24VDC AL-RL-S-63-S-S-120VAC
Light Fixture Dimensions 6-5/16" (160mm) diameter
4-1/2" (114mm) tall
6-5/16" (160mm) diameter
4-1/2" (114mm) tall
External LED Driver Dimensions 1-7/16" (36mm) long
1" (25.5mm) wide
15/16" (23mm) tall
6-5/8" (169mm) long
3-3/8" (86mm) wide
1-7/8" (47mm) tall
Cut-Out Hole Size 5-5/8" (143mm) diameter 5-5/8" (143mm) diameter
Sloped Ceilings Angle Range Up to 6/12 Pitch, adjustable to 34° Up to 6/12 Pitch, adjustable to 34°
LED Driver Input Voltage 24VDC 120VAC
Dimmable Yes Yes
Nominal Power Consumption 18 Watts 18 Watts
Max Luminous Flux of LED Array 1700 Lumens 1700 Lumens
LED Type SMD LED Chips SMD LED Chips
LED Quantity 18 - High Power 1 Watt LEDs 18 - High Power 1 Watt LEDs
Fixture Material High performance aluminum alloy High performance aluminum alloy
Finish Options Anodized Satin Nickel
Powder coated White, Dark Bronze, or Brass.
Anodized Satin Nickel
Powder coated White, Dark Bronze, or Brass.
Weight 2.2 lbs 2.4 lbs
Estimated Lifespan 50,000 hours 50,000 hours
Warranty 3 Years 3 Years
IC Rated for Insulation Contact Yes Yes
Suitable Uses Indoors or Outdoors - Dry or Damp Locations Indoors or Outdoors - Dry or Damp Locations
Compatible Power Supplies Dimmable Power Supplies
Non-Dimmable Power Supplies
Never use with MLV power supplies!
No Power Supply Needed
(Driver included with light)
Standards / Certifications RoHS, CE RoHS, CE
  • Virtually no UV or IR radiation
  • Suitable for installation in flat or sloped ceilings
  • Easy to install and mount, featuring integral spring-clamps
  • Maintenance free
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor temperatures from -4 to +122 Fahrenheit (-20 to +50 Celsius)
  • Solid-state construction makes for high shock and vibration resistance
  • SMD LEDs are super bright, high intensity and low power consumption
  • Extremely long life: up to 50,000 hours
  • General room lighting in flat or sloped ceilings
  • Architectural lighting for corridors, pathways, and archways
  • Art spotlight/accent lighting
  • Sculpture spotlight/accent lighting
  • Display case lighting
  • Wall wash/accent lighting
  • Coffered ceiling lighting
  • Under cabinet lighting
  • Marine and RV lighting
  • Elevator lobby areas
  • Museum and art gallery lighting
  • Sculpture and statue illumination

Have a question and don't see the answer below? Chat live with an LED Expert

What light color should I choose?

Warm White is equivalent to a standard incandescent light color and is most popular for residential applications. It has a slight warm yellow glow to it that many people find comfortable and we are all used to seeing in our homes. It is a 2700-3000K on the Kelvin Light Color Scale.

Cool White is equivalent to a standard CFL or Fluorescent light color and is most popular for commercial applications, although it is also used fairly often in residential. It puts out a pure white without any yellow undertone. It is a 4000-4500K on the Kelvin Light Color Scale.

DayWhite™ most closely replicates natural daylight and does have a slight blue hue to the light output. This is rarely seen in residential applications as the light output can seem a bit harsh and bright, and is most commonly seen in exterior or commercial applications. This is the brightest of the White light color options. It is a 6000-6500K on the Kelvin Light Color Scale.

Does this fixture need a housing or a can? How does it affix to my ceiling?

aspectLED’s recessed in-ceiling lights do not require a can, housing, or box to attach to. They insert directly into your drywall cut out and are held in place by high tension springs.

How is it installed?

The light is supplied with an external driver to convert from your power source (12VDC, 24VDC or 120VAC) to the power level the light requires to operate; the driver has a 5” pigtail for you to make your connection to your power source. To finish you simply plug the light into the low voltage side of the driver, and insert the light into your cut out.

Can I daisy chain or connect multiple lights together?

Yes, just make sure that your wire gauge and power source are adequate to support the distance you are running from your power source to the lights and the number of lights on your circuit.

How long is the wire pigtail length on a recessed light?

There is approximately 9" of wire lead between the fixture and it's external LED driver. There is approximately 5 inches of wire lead from the input side of the driver that you can use to connect to your input wiring.

Which voltage option should I choose?

12VDC: 12 volt lights are popular for automotive, motorcycle, boat/marine applications, or anywhere where you are connecting to a 12VDC supply. Some applications may require a separate 12VDC power supply!

24VDC: Our 24 volt option is the most popular option for residential and commercial applications. 24VDC is a safe low voltage, and is the most stable and reliable voltage for your aspectLED in-ceiling lights. Requires a separate 24VDC supply!

120VAC: 120 volt lights are designed to connect directly to your 120VAC residential supply power. No additional power supply is required.

If I choose a low voltage (12VDC or 24VDC) light; how do I know what power supply to purchase?

The method to calculate your required power source for a low voltage light installation would be to take the watts per light (in the specs section of the product you are interested in), multiply by the number of fixtures you plan to install, and then add 20% to that total. The resulting number is the minimum number of watts your power supply needs to be, so round up to the next available size power supply.It never hurts to go with a larger power supply. Your lights will only consume the number of watts actually being used when they are on.

What gauge wire should I run to my recessed lights?

We generally recommend using between 12ga or 14ga stranded wire. Longer distances require larger gauge wire. Always consult a wire gauge chart to determine the correct size wire for your application.

Is this fixture IC rated?

aspectLED’s recessed in ceiling light fixtures give off low heat when compared to an incandescent fixture; they are IC rated for direct contact with insulation.

Is this fixture rated for use in damp locations?

aspectLED’s recessed in ceiling light fixtures are approved for dry or damp environments.

Is this fixture UL listed?

Many of our products are UL listed. To confirm, please review the Certifications listed under the product specifications section of the product you are interested in.