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LED Light Bars for the Kitchen

Add instant appeal, contemporary styling and endless functionality to your next kitchen project with aspectLED's assortment of ultra bright LED light bars. With a sleek, low-profile design and preset lengths to choose from, these under mount cabinet lights are an easy, go-to solution for any kitchen or task lighting project. 3000K, 4000K, and 6000K color options available to meet the needs of any space or personal taste.

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Results (7)

Results (7)

Customization Process:

  1. Understand your need

    Review our standard LED light bar options to determine your customization needs.

  2. Consult

    Connect with an aspectLED lighting specialist to help us gather the needed info about your project and shipping information.

  3. Quote

    Our team delivers your quote within 1-2 business days - oftentimes same day for more basic requests.

  4. Order

    Review and confirm your order and shipping details, then simply "click to pay".

If your under cabinet lighting demands more precise installation or customized controls, work with our team of LED lighting specialists to design and order the custom light bars your project needs. With aspectLED, you can get the luxury kitchen look with less cost, hassle, or time spent waiting in line at the store.
Choose from our standard options or customize your perfect fit today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is task lighting?

Task lighting is a term used for any form of lighting when it's primary purpose is to illuminate a task being completed by a person. In a kitchen setting, this can include downlights over an island, a chandelier over the dining table, or under mounted light bars installed below cabinets or shelving.

How many lumens are needed for kitchen task lighting?

For task lighting in the kitchen, brighter is usually better. To help ensure safe fingers and accurate measurements, we recommend using somewhere between 200-500 lumens/foot.

What is the best under cabinet lighting?

While many under cabinet lighting solutions are available on the market today, at aspectLED we're strong advocates for low voltage LED light bars. The low-voltage technology will help keep energy costs down. The low-profile design makes installation easy and nearly invisible. Being linear in nature, light bars also tend to create the most sought after, evenly distributed lighting experience. Order today and say goodbye to hotspots and dimly lit surfaces in your kitchen. 

What are the best applications for LED light bars?

First and foremost, LED light bars are most popularly used in kitchen applications for under cabinet task lighting. Some secondary uses include: Desk lighting, general task lighting, undershelf lighting, general area mood lighting, in-cabinet/storage lighting, closet lighting, and more.

What are my customization options?

1. Select from additional color options: Color Tuning + COB + RGB, RGBW, and RGBA.
2. Get the length you need to the inch: 4-78" bar lengths.
3. Opt for 12VDC versions for outdoor application.
4. Get custom wire lead lengths for tricky spots. 24" max length.
5. Select from more channel options: 45 degree, recessed, bendable, etc.

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