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Outdoor lighting is used to illuminate exterior spaces such as gardens, pathways, facades, and outdoor living areas. It serves both practical and aesthetic purposes, enhancing visibility, safety, and the overall ambiance of outdoor environments during nighttime hours. aspectLED offers different types of outdoor lighting to choose from, each with its own unique features and benefits. Below are the different types of outdoor lighting we offer to help you discover what best works for your goals. Need help choosing?

  • Landscape Lighting

    Discover the magic of LED landscape lighting with our collection of In-Grounds, Pathway lights, Hardscape Lights, Uplights and recessed in-wall.

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  • Outdoor Accent Lighting

    Express your style with our LED outdoor accent lighting. Anything from underwater rated strip lights to neon flex to wall sconces.

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    Illuminate large outdoor areas with our collection of flood lights and linear wall washers.

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  • Underwater Lighting

    Immerse your water environment with our IP68-rated submersible LED underwater lighting. Illuminate your water features, fountains and pools with quality and style.

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Results (103)


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Our diverse outdoor lighting solutions cater to a wide variety of applications. Whether you're looking to highlight your home's architectural features with sconce lights, illuminate your pathways for enhanced safety with our pathway and in-ground lights, or illuminate pools, spas or fountains with our underwater lights, aspectLED has the perfect LED solutions for all your outdoor lighting aspirations.

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When choosing LED outdoor lighting, it is important to consider the following factors:

  1. strip light applications


    What will you be using your outdoor lights for? Will they be used for up-lighting, area/safety lighting, underwater lighting or accent lighting?

  2. strip light color


    When it comes to selecting a color/style of an outdoor fixture, take cues from your home's architectural features and color palette, as well as your personal preference. Keep in mind bugs are less attracted to LED lights that are white and yellow (2700K-4000K).

  3. strip light brightness


    The best lumen output for outdoor lights varies on application. For general pathway lights, gardens, and other landscape areas, 50-300 lumens is best. For illuminating areas like driveways, yards, and perimeter lighting, 700-1300 lumens are recommended.

  4. strip light length


    When selecting Outdoor Lighting, you'll want to choose sturdy lights with a long-lasting material. Lights with a solid-state brass or aluminum body will stand up over time compared to those made with composite materials.

Frequently Asked Questions about Outdoor Lighting

How do I wire landscape lighting?

To wire landscape lighting, carefully design your fixture layout for optimal lighting of paths, decks, and gardens, then install a landscape transformer or a power supply connected to a GFCI outlet and lay cable in a trenched conduit with safe voltage levels; use butt-splice connectors and heat shrink tubing for robust connections, setting up dimmers or timers as needed for enhanced functionality of your LED or solar powered landscape lights.

How do I install low voltage landscape lighting?

Proper planning techniques, necessary tools and materials, effective installation methods, and useful troubleshooting tips to ensure a successful landscape lighting project.

What voltage type should be used?

12VAC is meant to be used with a customer’s existing system & power supply, 120VAC voltage drop is reduced and is only available in larger lights, conduit is required, 12VDC no real advantages,24VDC RGBW is an option, less voltage drop compared to 12VDC, wide array of products available and compatible power supplies.

Should I use a can light housing for my outdoor soffit lights?

No, our can-less LED lights, such as our round recessed lights do not require a can light housing, making installation quick and easy compared to the much older style of can lights.

Can we use LED strip lighting with our existing landscape transformer?

Most likely, no. Many landscape transformers are 12VAC and so they would not be compatible with our LED strips which require 12VDC or 24VDC power supplies.

Do you have weatherproof enclosures for your power supplies?

No, not at this time.

What is the best lumen output for my outdoor application?

For landscape lighting: 50-300 lumens is recommended. For pathway lighting: 100-200 lumens is recommended. For landscape spotlights: 120 lumens is recommended. For pond/pool lights: 200-400 lumens is recommended. For flood lighting: 700-1300 lumens is recommended.

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