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Riser Extension for Landscape Lights

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Elevate your outdoor lighting fixtures with our Brass Bronze Extension Risers, designed to raise the mounting height above obstacles like bushes. Perfect for enhancing the stem height of path and area lights, expanding the scope of illumination. The antique bronze finish seamlessly complements our antique bronze Modern Dome LED Path Light and Brass LED Flood Light, ensuring consistency in material, finish, and thickness. Crafted with a 1" diameter brass pipe, these heavy-duty extension risers are built to withstand various environmental factors. Experience premium quality with this robust and durable addition to your outdoor lighting setup.

Light Fixture Dimensions 7.75" Long (196.9mm)
1" Diameter (25mm)
12.5" Long (31.8cm)
1" Diameter (25mm)
18.5" Long (50cm)
1" Diameter (25mm)
Visible Length 7" 11.75" 17.75"
Fixture Material Brass Brass Brass
Fixture Color Antique Bronze Antique Bronze Antique Bronze
Weight 0.34 lbs 0.51 lbs 0.69 lbs
Warranty 5 Year 5 Year 5 Year