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Transform your indoor spaces with our modern and stunning interior lighting solutions. Create a warm and inviting ambiance with soft, diffused lighting, or make a bold statement with colorful lighting options and modern fixtures. Our diverse collection of interior lighting with a range of styles from contemporary to classic, ensures we have lighting solutions that fit any design preference for your residential or commercial application.

  • Indoor Accent Lighting

    Highlight focal points with brilliantly versatile flexible solutions.

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  • Recessed Lighting

    Energy efficient all over illumination with canless and modern design.

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  • Under Cabinet Lighting

    Focused illumination for functional lighting with a sleek low profile design.

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  • Commercial Interior

    Retail and NSF certified solutions that fit any unique lighting application. 

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  • LED Backlighting

    Bright and even LED light for your feature wall, countertop, or backsplash. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Indoor Lighting

How to install recessed led lighting?

Start by planning the layout of your lights and marking their locations on the ceiling. Next, run the wires to each marked location. Cut a hole in the ceiling to the recommended size indicated on the product page. Finally, make your wire connections and snap the light into place.

How to fix flickering led recessed lights?

Step one is to ensure that the power supply and recessed lighting fixture are compatible. If they are, verify that the power supply is providing adequate energy to the fixture. If the power supply is sufficient, then check that your dimmer is compatible with the fixture.

Can I cut LED strip lights?

Yes, you can easily cut strip lights with a pair of scissors. However, be aware that different types of strip lights have varying cut lengths. Make sure to cut in the center of each set of soldering pads to avoid damaging the lights.

How to fix LED light strip?

The first step in fixing your LED strip lights is troubleshooting to identify the root cause. Learn how to pinpoint the issue, and once you've identified it, you can proceed with the strip light repair.

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Results (85)