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DMX512 Decoder and Driver with XLR ports

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RoHS Compliant 1 Year Warranty

This unit is identical to our AL-CTLR-DMXDEC Decoder/Driver, except that in addition to the standard RJ45 DMX ports, it also features XLR-style DMX ports. This DMX512 Decoder and Driver takes a DMX signal and uses it to drive the RGB channels on your LED fixtures, providing full color and brightness control. Simply connect the DMX input on this unit, assign its DMX channel ID using the dip switches on the product, and connect the red, green and blue wires on your LED fixture. Within minutes, you'll be controlling your LED fixtures via DMX. This DMX512 decoder/driver is compatible with all of aspectLEDs RGB LED fixtures.

  • DMX
  • 512 Channels
  • Preset Functions
  • XLR port
Dimensions 5" Long
2-1/8" Wide
1-1/8" Thick
Input Voltage 12VDC or 24VDC
Input DMX Signal DMX512/1990 digital
DMX Input Connector RJ45 and XLR
DMX pass-through (output) connector RJ45 and XLR
Output Signal 3 channels @ up to 5A per channel
Output Power 180 Watts - 360 Watts
Weight 1 lbs
Warranty 1 Year
  • Installer-friendly: easy to install, mount and configure
  • DMX address (channel) configurable via easily accessible dip switches
  • 256 level brightness control
  • Full color (16.7M colors) control
  • Can be used with a single channel for brightness control only
  • Overload protection, overheat protection, auto-reset function
  • Architectural lighting control
  • Stage lighting control
  • Dance/Music club lighting control
  • Landscape light control
  • Big box retail lighting
  • Loft-style offices lighting
  • Auditorium lighting

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