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Illuminate your outdoor space with our factory-direct LED landscape lights. Ideal for both practicality and aesthetics, our professional-grade landscaping lights come in various fixtures, aesthetics, and functions. With color-changing options, premium fixture materials, and our landscape lighting expertise, we can provide the perfect lighting solutions for your project. Explore the range of landscaping lighting types we offer and transform your outdoor space into your dream yard. Need help choosing?

  • In-Grounds

    Low-profile in-ground well illumination highlighting focal points.

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  • Pathway Lights

    Practical and adjustable focused light to illuminate pathways.

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  • Hardscape Lights

    Blends seamlessly with the surrounding environment to light structural elements.

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  • Spotlights

    Emphasize textures, add depth, and dimension with upward-facing light.

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  • Recessed In-Wall

    Generous illumination with a sleek recessed design.

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Build out your system with these accessories

  • Landscape Wire

    Wire specifically for your landscape outdoor applications.

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  • Landscape Transformers

    Landscape lights need a power supply or landscape transformer. Choose one compatible with your lighting.

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  • Riser Heights

    Choose a riser height to customize your landscape lighting.

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  • Mounting

    Need to mount your landscape lighting into the ground or on a tree?

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Explore Professional Quality Landscape Lighting

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Results (5)

LED Landscape Lighting Ideas

Explore our extensive range of landscape lighting designed for a multitude of outdoor uses. Whether you want to accentuate your home's architectural elements with recessed in-wall lights, guide walkways with pathway and hardscape lights, or enhance garden walls, patios, decks, and gazebos with landscape lights, aspectLED offers tailored LED solutions for all your outdoor landscaping needs.

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When choosing low-voltage landscape lighting, it’s important to consider the following factors:

  1. Lighting Goals:

    Define your objectives for the outdoor lighting system. Determine whether you want to enhance security, create ambiance, highlight specific landscape features, or increase safety by illuminating pathways and steps. This will help you determine where to locate your fixtures and power supplies.

  2. Transformer Location:

    Position the transformer near the house or on a nearby structure. It can also be installed indoors, but if wiring through walls is needed, professional electrical help is necessary. Mount the transformer 12 inches above ground level.

  3. Fixture Locations:

    Determine where you want to place the lighting fixtures to achieve your desired illumination effects. Consider highlighting architectural features, pathways, trees, or other focal points in your landscape design.

  4. Wire Runs & Gauges:

    Plan the layout of your wiring runs, taking into account the distance between the transformer and each lighting fixture. Use appropriate wire gauges to ensure proper voltage distribution and minimize voltage drop over longer distances.

Common Questions about Landscape Lighting

How do I wire landscape lighting?

To properly wire landscape lighting, begin by carefully planning the layout of your fixtures to ensure optimal illumination of paths, decks, and gardens. Next, install a landscape transformer or a power supply connected to a GFCI outlet, and lay cable within a trenched conduit, ensuring safe voltage levels. Utilize butt-splice connectors and heat shrink tubing to create durable connections. Consider incorporating dimmers or timers to enhance the functionality of your LED or solar-powered landscape lights. Prior to installation, confirm with local codes the required depth for wiring. Additionally, contact 811 or your state's "call before you dig" line to have buried cables accurately marked before excavation.

How do I install low voltage landscape lighting?

We highly recommend installing low voltage landscape lighting using a parallel or star topology instead of wiring in series. This topology is preferred because it simplifies troubleshooting and ensures that each light receives dedicated power continuously. Alongside employing parallel/star topology, make sure to implement proper planning techniques, acquire necessary tools and materials, utilize effective installation methods, and familiarize yourself with useful troubleshooting tips to guarantee a successful landscape lighting project.

What is the best lumen output for my landscaping lights?

For landscape lighting: 50-300 lumens are recommended. For pathway lighting: 100-200 lumens are recommended. For landscape spotlights: 120 lumens are recommended. 

What gauge wire do I need for landscape lighting?

Below are the different types of outdoor lighting we offer to help you discover what best works for your goals. 12-gauge wire safely supports 20 amps or less, while 14-gauge wire handles 15 amps or less, and 16-gauge wire manages 10 amps. Systems with runs under 150 feet usually utilize 16 or 14-gauge wire. For runs exceeding 150 feet, opt for a lower gauge wire to avoid voltage drops.

How long do LED landscape lights last?

Outdoor LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours or 5 years with the right maintenance and care.

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