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LED In-Ground Well Light Installation


In-ground high power LEDs can be mounted in-ground or in-wall. aspectLED’s in-ground/in-wall recessed lights are bright, energy efficient, and attractively styled, making them perfect for virtually any application. These are available in Ultra Bright and Standard Bright options. Perfect for patios, garden walls, decks, docks, gazebos, pillar/column lighting, commercial building up lighting, tree lights, stair safety/accent lighting, garden walls, building entrances, pathways, public parks, docks, and marine environments.

These recessed in-ground/in-wall lights are waterproof (with an IP67 rating) and feature a 304 stainless steel trim and aluminum body. These lights come standard with a clear glass trim with stainless steel bezel. If you have any questions during your installation, please feel free to contact our electrician’s helpdesk at 888-503-1317 option 3 or via e-mail at

In-ground Model SKU Wattage Luminous Flux Dimensions
9 LED Large-Ultra Bright AL-IG-L-27 27 Watts 1050 Lumens for Single Color
1350 Lumens for RGB
6.5" diameter
4.75" deep
Compact-Ultra Bright (Flat Bezel) AL-IG-CF-3 3 Watts 175 Lumens for Single Color
160 Lumens for RGB
2" diameter
3.2" deep
3 LED Medium-Ultra Bright AL-IG-M-9 9 Watts 520 Lumens 4" diameter
4.62" deep
Small-Ultra Bright (Round Bezel) AL-IG-SR-3 3 Watts 175 Lumens for Single Color
160 Lumens for RGB
2.5" diameter
3.75" deep
Small-Ultra Bright (Square Bezel) AL-IG-SS-3 3 Watts 175 Lumens for Single Color
160 Lumens for RGB
2.5"x2.5" bezel
3.75" deep
Safety & Warnings
  • Install in accordance with the National Electric Code, and all local regulations.
  • This product is intended to be installed and serviced by a qualified licensed electrician.
  • Only use with compatible LED fixtures, controls and dimmer switches. Only use copper wiring.
  • Proper heat dissipation will prolong the working lifespan of this product. Install in well-ventilated area free from explosive gases and vapors.
  • Ensure appropriate type and size wire is installed between driver, fixture, and any controls in between. When choosing wire, factor in voltage drop, amperage rating, and type (in-wall rated, wet location rated, etc). Improper wire type could overheat wires, and cause a fire.
  • Do not install if product has any visible damage.
  • Do not modify or disassemble this product beyond instructions or the warranty will be void.
  • Use only constant voltage fixture LED power supply.
Tools You’ll Need
  • Tape measure
  • Wire stripper
  • Shover
  • Screw driver
  • Allen wrench
Before You Begin

We know how boring it can be to read instructions, so we’ll keep this installation guide as short and sweet as possible. Before you begin with your installation, be sure to fully read the installation instructions. This installation guide is intended to be a helpful supplement, containing useful tips and pointers that will help to ensure a perfect installation, save you time, and ensure your safety. It is important that you install this product (and all other electrical products) in accordance with the National Electric Code (NEC) and all applicable local building and electrical codes for your area. If you are unfamiliar with the NEC, your local building/electrical codes, and/or the proper installation methods for electrical devices, you should hire a qualified and licensed electrician to do the work for you.

Before doing any electrical work, always disconnect power at the fuse or circuit breaker.

Important Considerations
  • Keep fixture lens area clear and free from dirt, dust, plants, leaves, and any other kind of obstruction to allow proper operation and optimize light output.
  • Make sure trim is flush to 1/8” above finish grade to prevent water from accumulating on lens, appropriate drainage must be provided.
  • Use of accessories not recommended by aspectLED may cause an unsafe condition and void warranty.
  • Always use UL listed waterproof wire connectors when making electrical connections.
  • Make sure to seal all conduit entries by using Teflon tape or silicone on threads.
  • In-ground LED lights are rated for use outdoors where it will be exposed to rain, humidity, and moisture. However, fixtures are not to be submerged underwater.
  • Always consult a wire gauge chart to determine the correct size wire for your application. Wire gauge is dependent on voltage drop, amperage rating, and environment. Incorrect wire selection could overheat systems and cause a fire.
  • Always ground the fixture and conduit system in accordance with local and national electrical codes.
  • This fixture is suitable for in-ground, concrete pour, brick, pavers, masonry, and direct in-soil/mulch installations.
  • Low voltage options require a remote step down transformer

System Diagram: Color Changing - DMX Controlled.

System Diagram: Color Changing - Touch Remote Controlled.

System Diagram: Single Color Low Voltage.

System Diagram: Single Color Line Voltage.

  • Determine a suitable location to install the 3 components as labeled in System Diagram.
    • Power Supply (for low voltage units)
    • Controls (for color changing units)
    • LED Light Fixture

  • Run suitable low voltage wire from your power supply to fixtures and controller (if applicable).
    It is important to choose the correct wire for the specific application, this is dependent on voltage drop, amperage rating, and environment. Please consult a voltage drop and wire sizing chart to determine adequate wire size. Using the incorrect wire size will damage your products! If installing by method of direct burial, always use direct burial-rated wiring.

  • Dig holes and trenches (or better yet, find a helper to do the digging) for light fixtures and running wire between lights and power supply.
    The diameter of the hole should be 6 inches greater than the diameter of the fixture and the depth should be 8 inches deeper than the height of the fixture. Remember to consult local code for trench depth requirements.

  • Backfill holes with 8 inches of pea gravel for drainage.
    Place fixture into hole and fill remaining volume with pea gravel to ensure a secure fit and proper drainage. If installing in concrete, instead of filling remaining volume with pea gravel, use standard masonry techniques to pour concrete slabs. Allow for concrete to set before proceeding to next steps.

    Soil Installation

    Concrete Installation

    Soil Direct Burial Installation

    Concrete Direct Burial Installation

  • If installing low voltage fixtures (12VDC or 24VDC), skip to step 9 and install fixtures by direct burial. If installing line voltage fixtures (120VAC), check with local code before proceeding with installation with liquidtite conduit/fittings.

  • Feed appropriate wire through conduit and into housing of in-ground light fixture.
    Make secure wire connections using UL listed waterproof silicone filled wire nuts.

  • Waterproof your connections.
    Use mastic putty or Teflon tape around threads of liquidtite conduit connector and housing to create waterproof connection as shown below.

  • Arrange connected wires and wire nuts to bottom of housing unit.
    Pouring silicone rubber sealant or potting compound into base of unit, making sure to submerge wire nuts in sealant as shown below. Follow sealant instructions and allow proper set time. Mastic putty or Teflon tape can be used to secure the connection between the housing unit and connector. Wire nuts are to be submerged in the silicone rubber sealant.

  • Coil any extra lead wire below the fixture.
    Carefully place lighting fixture into the housing unit, making sure there is a slight grade for water run off.

  • Secure fixture to housing
    Use the appropriate screws, either a hex cap or Phillips, and an Allen wrench or screwdriver. Make sure to securely tighten fixture and bezel to ensure water resistance.

  • Attach the power supply and any controls.
    Refer to the System Diagram and installation guides for both the drivers and controls. Remember to use suitable copper wiring between all components by referring to a voltage drop and wire sizing chart.

  • Once you’ve finished, double check all connections and turn on power to your circuit.
    Test functionality of your installation. If you experience issues, see the trouble shooting guide below, or contact technical support at (888) 503-1317 option 3 or

  • Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the installation process.
    Once your light is installed, your project is finished. Now is a great time to take a moment to sit down and enjoy your favorite beverage while giving yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.

More product resources and helpful tips on YouTube.