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Recessed lighting, the modern alternative to traditional fixtures, prominently known as can lighting, downlighting or pot lighting, illuminates entire spaces or enhances an area with targeted accent lighting. Our minimalist, modern, energy-conscious, and canless recessed downlights are available in numerous trims, light colors, and specifications, making them the prime choice for a myriad of applications.

  • Ultra-Thin

    A sleeker aesthetic, optimal space utility and energy efficient.

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  • Round Recessed

    Can free, or canless, LED lights. A sleek look without traditional can housings.

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  • Color Changing

    Dynamic lighting, RGB LED 3.5" color-changing lights. Set the perfect ambiance.

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  • Modern Series

    An alternative modern rectangular style to fit any space.

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  • Replacement Bulbs

    Save energy and increase longevity. Replace your halogen bulbs with LEDs.

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Build out your system with these accessories

  • Extension Cables

    Get a seamless connection for your recessed lighting with our durable extension cables.

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  • Rough-In Plates

    Designed to ensure a smooth installation process for your recessed lights.

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  • Dimmers + Switches

    Enhance your recessed lighting with unmatched control and ambiance.

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  • Dimmable Power Supplies

    Low Voltage Recessed Lights require a ELV power supply. Choose one compatible.

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Get Inspired

aspectLED recessed lighting creates a warm, inviting ambiance in living rooms and bedrooms, whilst offering bright, focused, integrated LED recessed lighting in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms. Our LED recessed lighting products are also an exceptional selection for commercial environments like offices, retail establishments, and hospitality venues, where the superior quality of light and unrivaled energy efficiency are top of mind. With meticulously designed recessed lighting trim and housing, our lighting solutions ensure the optimum illumination experience, extending even to outdoor recessed lighting.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Recessed Lighting

Are downlights appropriate for every room?

Yes, downlights are versatile and can be used to address various lighting needs in different rooms. They are particularly useful for kitchen recessed lighting, living room recessed lighting, and bathroom recessed lighting, among other areas.

Why should I opt for integrated LED recessed lighting?

Integrated LED recessed lighting provides high energy efficiency, longevity, and superior lighting quality. It's an ideal choice for those seeking maintenance-friendly and eco-friendly lighting options.

Can I retrofit my current lights using recessed lighting?

Using LED recessed lighting offers a straightforward way to upgrade your existing recessed lighting. Using your existing hole, you can retrofit a old, can-lighting system with a sleek, modern looking LED lighting fixture that can aluminate your space in a new and tasteful way.

What considerations should I make for outdoor recessed lighting?

Outdoor recessed lighting should be waterproof and durable, ensuring it can comfortably withstand various weather conditions. It's also beneficial to select fixtures with a low voltage (12VDC or 24VDC) for safety purposes. You should also consider protecting your power supplies in a waterproof area of your installation or consider placing them in a waterproof box.

What is the purpose of recessed lighting trim?

Recessed lighting trim is a critical component that enhances the aesthetics of the fixture while directing and diffusing light. Available in several styles and colors, it can significantly contribute to your overall room design.

Do all recessed lights require housing?

No, certain lights such as aspectLED's in-ceiling lights, also known as "can-free" lights, do not require traditional recessed lighting housing. These fixtures are designed to be directly inserted into drywall cut-outs.

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