tiny house lighting

LED Tiny House Lighting

Most residential lighting solutions are designed for line voltage 110VAC supply, which creates a challenge for off grid tiny house builders and owners. Most tiny houses use low voltage, typically 12VDC systems. With many lighting technologies, that would make it impossible to get a good amount of light in a space. We manufacture dozens of LED fixtures that are designed for 12VDC systems and provide the same amount of light, so you don't have to compromise. That's why dozens of tiny house manufacturers including industry leaders use our products and collaborate with us on projects to get ideal solutions for their customers.


Can-Free Recessed LED Lights

The canless design of these fixtures allows for the easiest installation possible, in places recessed lights wouldn't normally be able to fit. These are our most customizable fixtures and allow flexibility with regards to trim color, voltage, light color, and beam angle. The spring loaded can-free installation even allows for recessing directly into wood beams in timber framed tiny houses with ceilings that don't permit recessing lights. Some of these fixtures also have a gimbal head which allows you to adjust the direction of the beam, ideal for sloped ceilings. Plus, their modern lock matches perfectly with the modern aesthetic of most tiny houses.



Single Color Flexible LED Strip Light

Perfect for under cabinet, toe kick, under counter, edge glow, cove, and other accent lighting. In tiny houses with vaulted ceilings, mounting strip light to uplight the ceiling is popular. Our dimmable flexible tape lights are available in numerous colors or color changing, waterproof, multiple brightness options, and 12VDC or 24VDC.


Sconce Lights

Our LED wall sconces offer timeless looks while easily mounting on the wall or posts and providing all the benefits of LED lighting.


Stake and Surface Mount LED Landscape Lights

Our landscape lights are available in stake mount and surface mount varieties and have pivoting heads to allow perfect positioning. Great for tinyhouse exterior uplighting, lighting trees, landscaping, or virtually anything else outside. Available in single color or color changing varieties.


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